The Spanish banking sector. Recovery in a European context

Letter from the Editors

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The Euro: An incomplete architecture

Despite having emerged from the crisis, an incomplete architecture leaves the Eurozone vulnerable to subdued economic performance and cross-country divergence. ...

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The Spanish banks in a European
context: From transition to recovery

Spanish banks have taken advantage of the crisis to implement measures, which now appear to have given them some relative advantages with respect to many of ...

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European banking models:
Adapting to a new, complex operating environment

The post-crisis environment of falling interest rates, deleveraging, regulatory requirements and increased competition has forced banks to adapt their business ...

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Analysing payment trends in Spain

Although recent data point to a change in trend among Spanish payment cardholders towards an increased reliance on PoS card payments versus ATM cash ...

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Spain’s structural unemployment rate:
Estimates, consequences and recommendations

Empirical evidence suggests Spain’s current high rate of structural unemployment leaves little room for the unemployment rate to fall without distorting ...

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The relationship between the recovery
in Spain’s current account and labour productivity

Since 2013, Spain’s current account entered into surplus – reversing a recent history of deficits. Unlike the years prior to the crisis, an ...

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Strengthening manufacturing:
A new industrial policy for Spain

Increasing the weight of manufacturing in the overall economy could make an important contribution to Spanish GDP growth and job creation. But to help achieve ...

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Spain’s fiscal consolidation:
2016 performance and outlook for 2017

A relaxation of original deficit targets should help the government stay on track to meet fiscal consolidation goals in 2016. However, meeting targets in 2017 ...

Regulation and Economic Outlook
Recent key developments
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Spanish economic forecasts panel: March 2017
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