Spain and Europe: Policy
considerations in 2024

Letter from the Editors

Macropolicy framework

Europe’s new regime for macroeconomic policy coordination: A first look

In the last days of its rotating presidency, the Spanish government successfully led negotiations in the Council of the European Union to agreement on a new ...

Spanish economy

Outlook for the Spanish economy in 2024-2025: Navigating an uncertain international backdrop

Compared to its European peers, the Spanish economy has weathered the inflationary storm and geopolitical tensions of recent years relatively well, buoyed by ...

Spanish households

Income, savings and household wealth in Spain: 21st century transformation

Spanish households and their finances have undergone major structural transformation since the start of the century. These changes should be taken into ...

Housing market

Spain’s housing and mortgage markets

Despite an adverse economic climate, house price growth is proving resilient in Spain, fuelled by wholesale and non-resident demand, in addition to retail and ...

Convertible bonds

CoCos and bank resolution: Overcoming March stigma

Given the fact that they are considered loss absorbing instruments in the event of resolution, CoCos have emerged as a very important barometer for measuring ...

Industrial policy

The strategic complementarity between competition and industrial policy

Despite broad-based agreement within economic circles regarding the drawbacks related to the application of industrial policies, recent global challenges have ...

Intangibles investment

Intangible assets and competitiveness of Spain’s manufacturing industry: An international comparison

The intensity of the Spanish manufacturing sector’s investment in intangible assets is practically half of the European average and this gap has widened ...

Climate policy

The major central banks and the fight against climate change: Assessing the latest policy initiatives

While it is widely acknowledged that climate policy-making is the prime responsibility of governments, central banks are also taking steps to address climate ...

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