Spain´s recovery in the context of heightened global uncertainty

Letter from the Editors

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The Spanish economy’s recovery in a weakened international context

Spain´s economic recovery is outperforming expectations and economic growth should remain relatively strong until the end of the year. However, the ...

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The economic growth threshold for job creation in Spain: The importance of wage moderation

Recent evidence suggests that the Spanish economy can create jobs at a lower rate of economic growth than in the past. However, the lower growth threshold for ...

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The progress of Spanish banks’ solvency in a European context

In line with the general trend in Europe over recent months, Spanish banks have rapidly increased their solvency, bringing levels in line with the European ...

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Recent evolution of enterprises’ access to bank finance: Spain in the European context

Spanish SMEs’ access to finance and financing conditions deteriorated significantly throughout the crisis, exacerbated by financial fragmentation in ...

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Recent trend in leverage across Spain´s institutional sectors

Spanish households and firms have made a considerable deleveraging effort since the beginning of the crisis. Conversely, growing public debt levels have kept ...

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The dynamics of public debt and economic growth in Spain

Lessons from Spanish history teach us that there is a correlation between an increase in public debt and a reduction in growth prospects. Policy makers should ...

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SOCIMI impact on Spain´s real estate market

Only several years in existence, Spain´s listed real estate investment vehicles, known as SOCIMI, are generating a lot of attention and channelling ...

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Centre-periphery integration: Building European production chains

Significant differences exist in European production chains across distinct groups of EU countries (core, southern-periphery, and eastern-periphery) in terms ...

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The performance and role of Spain’s social economy throughout the crisis

Spain was one of the countries most affected by the recent crisis since 2008. The resilience of Spain´s social economy, which currently accounts for 10% ...

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