Considerations for Spain:
Geopolitical risk on top of a challenging post-pandemic recovery

Letter from the Editors

Geopolitical risk

The return of geopolitical risk: The economic effects of the war in Ukraine

Russia´s invasion of Ukraine will have economic effects in the short-term through channels such as commodities, trade, and financial markets. ...

Energy crisis

Responses to the energy crisis: The cases of Germany, France, Italy and Spain

The emergency measures rolled out in Germany, Spain, France and Italy to mitigate the impact of the war in Ukraine provide a short-term solution to the budding ...

Non-financial accounts

Spain’s household and corporate accounts: Two years after the pandemic

Although the recovery in Spanish GDP was somewhat less intense than initially expected in 2021, the recovery in employment was noteworthy and stronger than ...

Tax revenues

Strong recovery in 2021 tax revenue: Contrasting with the previous crisis

The contraction in 2020 tax receipts as a result of the pandemic and the associated mobility and business restrictions was mitigated by the government´s ...

Financial digitalisation

Financial digitalisation in Spain in the wake of the pandemic: Assessing the impact

The pandemic has accelerated the push towards digitalisation in Spain on multiple fronts. This trend has been particularly significant within the financial ...

State guarantees

State guarantees and latent non-performance

Spain´s public guarantee scheme has served to ease the effects of the pandemic and now of the war on the country´s business segment, thus ...

Business demographics

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on businesses and the self-employed

The COVID-19 crisis prompted a slowdown in business creation across all the main legal forms of incorporation, but underpinned a continuation of a trend ...

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