Spain and the EU: Assessment
of policy responses to COVID-19

Letter from the Editors

Spanish lockdown

The Great Lockdown of the Spanish economy

In view of the depth of the global crisis, and taking into consideration key domestic imbalances that predate it, Funcas has revised its economic forecasts for ...

COVID-19 support

Official financing aid in response
to COVID-19: Timeliness and sufficiency

In contrast with the US, the state support measures adopted in Spain and the EU have mainly taken the form of credit guarantees and liquidity support rather ...

Regulatory relief

Capital and liquidity relief in response
to COVID-19: Implications for the Spanish banks

The economic constraints associated with the COVID-19 crisis have prompted regulatory and supervisory authorities to provide Spanish banks with ...

State guarantees

Assessing the range of government
guarantees: State support for the MARF

The third tranche of Spain’s government-backed guarantee scheme in response to Covid-19 will include the allocation of 4 billion euros to secure ...

Spanish Banks

Spanish banks’ preparedness for the
COVID-19 crisis: A European comparison

Spanish banks’ key metrics, such as capital adequacy levels and liquidity buffers, have improved since the last crisis; however, the economic fallout ...

Fiscal support

Spanish fiscal support measures: Boosting
corporate liquidity in response to COVID-19

Although the Spanish government has introduced significant deferrals of state taxes and social security contributions, the scale and reach of these deferrals ...

Public finances

A tsunami for public finances

COVID-19 has placed considerable pressure on Spain’s public finances, further complicating the outlook for the country’s fiscal consolidation. ...

Regulation and Economic Outlook
Recent key developments in the area of Spanish financial regulation
Prepared by the Regulation and Research Department of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA)
Spanish economic
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