Spain’s economic prospects under the new administration

Letter from the Editors

Economic outlook

Economic forecasts for Spain: 2019-2021

Available information for the first quarter of 2019 indicates that the Spanish economy performed stronger than many analysts had predicted, with GDP growing by ...

Net borrowing

Deconstructing Spain’s net borrowing/lending position by institutional sectors 

The return of the household sector to a net borrowing position in 2018 after eight years in surplus constitutes one of the most significant developments in the ...

Fiscal consolidation

Spain’s fiscal consolidation: Situation and outlook

Although Spain’s deficit fell to 2.5% in 2018, projections for both the near and medium-term indicate more substantial consolidation is unlikely, leaving ...

Debt holdings

Spanish public debt holdings at the
end of the ECB’s purchase programme

The composition of Spain’s investor base has evolved over three distinct periods in the last 15 years, with Spanish banks now holding a smaller ...

Bank profitability

Interest rates and bank margins under protracted, exceptional monetary policy

In response to growing evidence of an economic slowdown, the ECB has announced plans to push back its rate increases and implement a new round of extraordinary ...

Capacity adjustment

Downsizing, productivity and
efficiency in the Spanish banking system

In response to the sharp correction in business volumes and profitability, Spanish banks have significantly pared back capacity by reducing their numbers of ...

Regulation and Economic Outlook
Recent key developments in the area of Spanish financial regulation
Prepared by the Regulation and Research Department of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA)
Spanish economic forecasts panel: May 2019
Funcas Economic Trends and Statistics Department
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