Spain’s labour market: Recent evolution and key challenges

Letter from the Editors

Global Economy

Global economy: Resilience in the midst of the storm

Although the global economy has demonstrated significant resilience in recent quarters, key risks related to geopolitical tensions, financial stability and ...

Labour market

Labour market challenges in Spain

The performance of Spain’s labour market has improved, approaching European standards, supported by a mix of reforms and demographic ...

Labour Demand

Growth in Spanish labour demand: Evidence from online job postings

Labour demand in Spain appears to have weathered the effects of the pandemic, as evidenced by sustained growth in job postings, despite a more significant ...

Youth Employment

Spain’s youth: Precarious employment and unaffordable housing

The fragility of the Spanish job market, characterised by a high incidence of temporary contracts and high structural unemployment, particularly impacting the ...

Rental Market

Rental affordability in Spain: Trends and variations across regions

Residential rents have increased sharply over the past decade, with average household expenditure on rent increasing by 27.7% between 2015 and 2022- well above ...

Bank profitability

Looking beyond Spanish banks’ profitability

The Spanish banks reported sharp earnings growth in 2023, with the six largest banks recording over €26 billion in profits on aggregate, up 27% from 2022. ...

Bank valuations

Bank valuations: Good news and bad news

Positive earnings performance and lower cost of equity have led the European banks to outperform the general stock indices for the last two years; ...

Spanish budget

Spain’s budget: Challenges for 2024

While at first glance Spain’s 2023 fiscal performance appears favorable, lack of adjustment on the structural deficit paints a less optimistic picture ...

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