Perspectives for the global and Spanish economy in 2023

Letter from the Editors

Global outlook

The global economy in times of polycrisis

2022 was characterised by uncertainty, economic and financial markets volatility, and most importantly, an acceleration in the regime shift in which the global ...

Spanish economy

Outlook for the Spanish economy in the face of falling energy prices

The combination of labour market resilience and an easing of inflationary pressures arising from lower energy prices, coupled with higher than anticipated ...

Unwinding QE

Managing the risks of quantitative tightening in the euro area

Recent quantitative tightening decisions undertaken by the ECB are important to reduce surplus liquidity and improve the functioning of the monetary ...

Monetary policy

Monetary policy 2023 and interest rate increases: Outlook and impact

The monetary policy roadmap for 2023 will continue to prioritize the fight against inflation, with successive official rate increases at least for much of the ...

Corporate financing

Corporate finance: Banks versus capital markets

Tension in the corporate bond market since the start of the inflationary spiral towards the end of last year has driven a sharp increase in secondary market ...

Bancassurance market

Importance and characteristics of the bancassurance business in Spain

The weight of bancassurance in Spain´s insurance business and its contribution to parent banks’ domestic earnings are very significant. As a ...

External competitiveness

Spain’s trade competitiveness relative to the eurozone

Spanish exports registered nominal growth of 40% between 2012 and 2021, the highest rate among the euro area’s five largest economies. While the ...

Corporate digitalisation

Digitalisation of Spanish companies: An EU comparison

In contrast to the Spanish economy’s relatively low productivity levels, overall, Spanish companies are relatively highly digitalised. However, a high ...

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