The war in Ukraine and implications for Spain

Letter from the Editors

Spanish economy

The conflict in Ukraine and the Spanish economy

The invasion of Ukraine is adding upward pressure to energy markets, which were already the main obstacle to Spain’s recovery before the conflict. The ...

Labour reform

The 2021 labour market reform: A preliminary assessment

The 2021 labour reform represents a broad social agreement that dissipates some uncertainties over labour relations since the approval of the previous reform ...

Mortgage market

The recovery of the Spanish mortgage market

Spain’s mortgage market is recovering gradually in the wake of the pandemic, with new transactions outstripping loan repayments. This recovery, however, ...

Peripheral debt

EMU peripheral sovereign debt: Resilience in the face of monetary policy and geopolitical risks

Looming ECB policy normalisation will likely lead to the rebalancing of relative prices for EMU peripheral sovereign debt. Nonetheless, improved economic ...

Capital flows

Spain´s dependence on foreign capital flows and the need for improved public debt sustainability

Seven countries currently account for over two-thirds of total foreign investment into Spain. To shore up international investor confidence, Spain needs to ...

Fiscal rules

Implications for Spain of the reform of the EU´s fiscal rules

Spain, being one of the countries hardest hit by the crisis and with pronounced fiscal imbalances, has a lot at stake in the process currently underway of ...

Bank capital

Cost of equity for Spanish and European banks

The banks’ earnings recovery in 2021, and the prospect of rate normalisation in the relatively near future, drove significant growth in the Spanish and ...

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