Deconstructing inflation in Spain

Letter from the Editors


The inflation outlook in Spain

The recent relaxation in energy prices and improved outlook for food prices holds the promise of a deflationary process in Spain. That said, given the inherent ...

Inflation impact

Impact of inflation in Spain in 2021 and 2022: Which households have been the hardest hit?

The intensity and persistence of the recent bout of post-pandemic inflation is causing a set of undesirable consequences for Spanish households. However, the ...

Financial instability

Episodes of financial instability: “Separating the wheat from the chaff”

The recent bouts of financial instability in the US and Europe (Credit Suisse) have raised concerns over the implications of monetary tightening underway. ...

Deposit beta

Cost of deposits and Euribor: Why this time is different

Deposit beta pass-through appears to be slower this time around relative to previous episodes of monetary tightening. While understanding the rate of ...

EU funds

“PERTEs”: Level of execution and role in mobilising Next Generation EU funds

Under Next Generation EU (NGEU), the Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTEs, in their Spanish acronym) were created to channel ...

Non-financial accounts

Household and non-financial corporate accounts for 2022

Statistical revisions have confirmed initial assumptions over the impact of the pandemic on household and corporate accounts. In the case of households, their ...

Financial conditions

Tightening bank financing terms and conditions: Current situation and implications

Increasing interest rates across the eurozone are restricting access to bank loans, while at the same time leaving households and businesses with outstanding ...

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