The impact of the pandemic on Spain’s businesses

Letter from the Editors

Financial situation

The impact of the pandemic on Spanish household and corporate sector accounts

Data show that COVID-19’s impact on Spanish households has been smaller than that sustained by its non-financial corporations, thanks in part to generous ...

Business demographics

Spain’s business demographics post-COVID-19: An initial assessment

While the effect of COVID-19 on Spanish business demographics has been unprecedented, it has also been unequal, with certain sectors hit harder or recovering ...

Manufacturing industry

The resilience of Spain’s manufacturers in the face of COVID-19

In comparison with peer countries, Spain’s manufacturing output held up relatively well amidst a historic contraction in GDP. That said, despite its ...

Business creation

Stimulating business creation: Analysis and proposals

Although the Spanish government has focused on average enterprise size as a means of closing the productivity gap, studies show that it is productivity that ...

Bank stocks

Market values of European and Spanish banks: Contraction and recovery against the backdrop of COVID-19

European and Spanish banks’ share prices took a significant hit during the worst periods of the COVID-19 crisis, only to outperform other stocks once a ...


Payments in year two of the pandemic

The pandemic has accelerated the use of new payment technologies, such as mobile and P2P payments, with future growth projected in the use of QR codes and ...

Public finances

Deterioration in Spain’s public finances in the wake of COVID-19

The spike in Spain’s deficit in 2020 was the result of higher spending and lower tax revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the government is ...

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