Spain’s bumpy post-COVID-19 recovery

Letter from the Editors

Spanish economy

Spain’s sluggish post-pandemic recovery

Spain’s economic recovery is proving weaker than initially predicted, with 2021 growth now projected to come in 1.2 percentage points lower than in the ...

Nextgen EU

Spain’s recent performance implementing the recovery funds and outlook for 2022

Spain is set to received 140 billion euros as part of the Next Generation EU funds to facilitate the country’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, ...


Lagging productivity and the need for structural reforms in Spain

Spanish productivity has lagged both the US and eurozone for the past two decades due to lower investment in key areas, such as technological and human ...


Cryptoassets: The good, the bad and the advent of CBDCs

The emergence of cryptoassets provides both risks and opportunities for investors, banks and central banks alike. However, determining the ideal design and ...

Insurance sector

The pandemic and its impact on the insurance business in Spain

The impact of the pandemic on the insurance industry was significant, if uneven, across both geographies and business lines. While the industry is showing ...

Spanish budget

Spain’s budget for 2022: An assessment

Spain’s state budget for 2022 includes forecasts that appear markedly optimistic in comparison to other institutions’ estimates. Despite this, an ...

Social security

Social Security budget for 2022: Short-term state support yet a need for structural reform

Thanks to the increase in contributions, the Social Security deficit is projected to fall to 0.5% in 2022. However, the long-term sustainability of ...

Fiscal imbalance

Fiscal imbalances in Spain: Progress and risks

Spain’s 2020 deficit came in better than expected, with analysts’ projections for 2021 more favourable than current government estimates. That ...

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