Deep dive into Spain’s private sector

Letter from the Editors

EU trade

EU trade and investment in the midst of re-globalisation

An analysis of EU trade and foreign direct investment flows reveals a relative decline in the EU’s competitive position, notably with respect to the US ...

Spanish Banks

Challenges for Spanish banks: 50 years after deregulation

Since its deregulation 50 years ago, the Spanish banking sector has been shaped by significant structural transformation as a result of the need to adapt to an ...

Bank deposits

Deposits and the transmission of monetary policy

Bank deposits have been shown to play a role in shaping monetary policy and access to credit. Crucially, firms entering the tightening cycle relying on credit ...

Rate risk

Interest rate risk hits central banks

The interest rate risk deriving from the mismatch between asset and liability maturities and/or repricing, which had spread across the US banking system one ...

Non-financial accounts

Spain’s household and non-financial corporate (NFC) accounts for 2023

Whereas in 2022, corporate income registered significant growth, nearly revisiting pre-pandemic levels, in 2023, it was household income that was more dynamic. ...

Private debt

Spain’s private sector debt service ratio: An international comparison

The rate tightening embarked on by the ECB in mid-2022 has had a negative impact on debt sustainability for both Spanish corporations and households; however, ...

Business dynamism

Business dynamism in Spain in the wake of recent crises

The majority of the 3.2 million economically active enterprises in Spain as of 1 January 2023 are pursuing organic growth, in which their headcount increases ...

Corporate funding

The effects of the pandemic and inflation crisis on Spanish corporates’ funding gap

Significant changes in the dynamics of the supply and demand for credit are disproportionately increasing the financing needs of Spanish SMEs and ...

Firm capitalisation

Capitalisation of Spanish corporations since the financial crisis

An analysis of the stock of fixed capital of Spain’s non-financial corporations from 2011 to 2023 reveals the persistence of a post-pandemic time lag in ...

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