The Spanish economy: Outlook for recovery

Letter from the Editors

Vaccine impact

The potential impact of a COVID-19 vaccine on the Spanish economy

Prevailing trends in Spain’s economy include the divergence in performance between the manufacturing and services sectors, as well as the rise in ...

Recovery plan

The NGEU recovery package in Spain: Structural challenges and proposal analysis

While the Next Generation EU (NGEU) recovery package was launched to counteract the economic ramifications of COVID-19, its success will depend on reversing ...

Regional finance

Spain’s fiscal context: A regional perspective

While the Spanish general government deficit is forecast at 12.4% this year, the regional governments posted a surplus during the first eight months of the ...

Foregone revenues

Foregone revenues in respect of Spain’s key taxes

As a result of tax breaks for personal income tax, value-added tax, and corporate income tax, the Spanish government foregoes 77.18 billion ...

Digital tax

Taxing the digital economy: Is the DST the right solution?

Given the lack of progress on an EU-wide proposal, increasing digitalization of commerce has prompted several Member States to adopt their own Digital ...

Banking consolidation

Consolidation in the EU banking sector: Scope and timing

After several years of limited consolidation across the European banking sector, the announced merger between CaixaBank and Bankia has bolstered expectations ...

Interest income

Net interest income in the context of COVID-19

COVID-19 has contributed to both a significant uptick in business lending and a slowdown in household lending. While the overall stock of credit issued has ...

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Recent key developments in the area of Spanish financial regulation
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