Spain in year two of the pandemic

Letter from the Editors

Economic outlook

The economic outlook following the third wave of COVID-19

Restrictions on mobility and businesses, as well as the slow progress on the vaccination front, will delay the recovery of the Spanish economy. The result is a ...

Housing market

Spain’s housing market in times of crisis: Will this time be different?

Unlike the previous financial crisis, the housing sector has proven to be resilient throughout most of the pandemic, with mortgages and housing transactions ...

Sub-central finances

Sub-central finances: Year two of the pandemic

While the Spanish central government’s debt and deficit increased significantly as a result of the pandemic, regional governments’ finances emerged ...

Healthcare spending

Spain’s healthcare spending: Projections pre and post COVID-19

Analysis of healthcare spending patterns per capita by age and gender categories alongside demographic projections shows Spain’s healthcare spending will ...

Investor activism

New forms of investor activism and the shift in market outlook

The emergence of ‘populist activism’ best exemplified by the volatility in GameStop shares is distinct from previous forms of shareholder activism ...

Corporate support

The challenge of recapitalising Spain’s corporate sector

The intensity and duration of the COVID-19 crisis has raised the risk of a potential insolvency crisis in Spain’s corporate sector. In order to avoid ...

Intangible investment

Digitalisation and intangible assets: Unlocking bank lending

Spain’s lacklustre investment in intangible assets needs to be addressed if the country is to reap the productivity gains of the digital transformation. ...

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